Friday Mar 24, 2023

Magnesium, Float Tanks, Electrolytes & the Importance of Minerals with Max Casa & Max Vitality

This podcast is only for my high-performing individuals (which should be everyone because who doesn’t want feel like a high performance machine)…

Minerals are so vastly important for our healthy optimization, ….Balancing your mineral levels, maximizing your ATP/Energy production, and eliminating pain and discomfort in your body all starts with ensuring proper mineral utilization…..

And to help us understand these way minerals play so many roles in our bodies, I’ve brought on Max Casa, ….Max is life-long martial artist and high performance individual, performance coach, medicine man and the founder of Max Vitality, a float therapy chamber and premium bath salt company out of Hawaii! But my favorite thing about Max, is his expertise on the benefits of magnesium Float Therapy is one of the most affective ways I have found to get people’s fight or flight bodies and minds to relax, and Max is going to help us discover what it is and it’s benefits.

 Disconnecting from many of life’s omnipresent stressors including overstimulation from EMF and radiation and even the affects of gravity are thwarted inside the sensory deprived chamber, while floating in magnesium rich water is one of the most effective ways to recover from a tough workout, reset our nervous systems, connect with our inner being, increase our magnesium levels and optimize our minds & bodies! On top of diving into floatings ability to optimize thousands of aspects of systemic health, we are also take a deep dive into why Magnesium is so essential, the science behind transdermal magnesium and how to maximize its absorption & utilization with the help of powerful ‘co-factors’. So listen and learn with us!

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